Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fit Friday #4

This week flew by! At the beginning of the week I was focused. As the week went by my motivation dwindled. I did pretty well with my diet, except for Thursday, where I just had little snacks here and there with no actual solid meal. I did awesome with my workouts. I decided that I would do The Firm 4 times this week rather than 3 times. I am proud to say that I accomplished that! I didn't, however, do Pilates 3 times rather than 2 times, which was my goal. I actually didn't do any Pilates, shame on me!

I guess the hard work is paying off though, I was down another pound this week, and lost .5 inches off my waist. So, that is 5 pounds in 4 weeks! I can definitely feel the difference in my body. Others may not see it yet, though. I am 5'11", so 5 pounds doesn't look like much on me.

My goals for next week are...
  • to keep a food journal
  • to have quiet time
  • to do the Red Firm video (think kickboxing boot camp!)
  • to do Pilates at least once

Wish me luck this next week!


1 comment:

Posh Mama said...

Great job!! Keep up the good work. You have motivated me to get back into my Pilates and yoga and kickboxing groove! Since I have no hip hop groove to speak of :P